SEO Expert India -Top 10 Things to Look For

Suppose you are a person having a business which relies on the website. Then you should study Search Engine Optimizations (SEOs) or you should hire someone who does. Maybe your site has good content, plenty of useful features. But if it doesn’t have enough web traffic then there is no use for the website. The development and maintenance cost of that website will have an only negative impact on your income.

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You can have an employee for this job, individual SEO consultant or Search Engine Optimization consulting firm. An experienced professional in this field will ask about your business plans, targeted visitors and other relevant information. From that information, they will develop strategies to improve your website’s search-engine’s rankings and web traffic.

Now we can see the top ten things look for best SEO expert in India

1. Years of experience

Set up an SEO agency is not a big deal. But only an experienced professional will learn every small thing relevant from each of his works. If a person has years of experience, then he could say what kind of work needs to be done for getting good results.

2. Knowledge of three SEO levels

Search engine optimizations includes three stages
• Technical: it involves the structure of the website and decide how easily a search-engine can identify and index your content.
• On-page optimization: to improve the search-engine’s traffic to your website you need to use some special keywords and HTML tags.
• Off-page optimization: link building.
The content on your website should be easily accessible by the search-engines. Only then the people using the search engines could find your website.
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3. Track record

Check the Search Engine Optimization company’s previous work and understand how they helped the customers in improving their business.

4. Marketing knowledge

The content written on a web site should exhibit the advantages of their product or service which will lead the users to the purchase. At the same time, the content needs to be attractive to the visitor.

5. Well-rounded perspective and knowledge

Today SEOs not only depend on the search engine’s rankings but also depend on human psychology, the culture of the people whom they are marketing, web analytics, business models, social media environment and much more. The SEOs without knowing considering these factors will do no help.
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6. Understanding of the overall outcome

The SEO expert should know what kind of output is they are looking for. They can either convert visitors of a web site into a customer or try to improve the search engine’s rankings. An experienced professional will try to increase customers, not about increase rankings.

7. Fit in with your company's culture

SEO experts need to interact with different people like marketing, sales, customer service, analytics, it, etc. the interaction and communication style of the person should match the company’s culture.

8. Communication skills

SEO professional needs excellent communication skills. One person single-handedly can’t do the whole work. He should communicate the way everyone understands what changes need to be done on the site.

9. Passion for work

Only the SEO professional who loves his work can do the job efficiently. He will be happy to overcome the riddles of it. How much a person enjoys his work will decide how good will be his output. Also, the company needs to encourage them for the betterment of your firm.
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10. Curiosity

Like knowledge curiosity is important too. The person who recites the IP addresses of all Google’s crawlers is good. But the person tries to find out how the crawler work is much better. The person needs to constantly try to find out the way the SEOs work can make more impact on the websites.